Iceland – A Land of Storytelling (in english)

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Normally people tells the story. With their eyes, hands and words. But not in Iceland. Here the stories are given by nature.

The stories of Iceland


Detective novels and thrillers are merciless as the hot lava that freezes everything in the dark of Iceland.

Krafla, Iceland,
Love stories are as colorful as the rainbow next to the waterfall and its fresh drops tender kissing cheeks.

Skogar, Iceland,

Family Sagas are full of secrets, conspiracies, love and war.

Ingolfshöfoi, Iceland,
Fantasy-Stories kidnap to the elves in the garden and let the people look with the troll from the rocks of the sea.

Jökulsarlon, Iceland,
At every corner lurks a story. People can not escape in Iceland. Even if you defends, the natural beauty is breaking it. Hopeless search the hand in the pocket of the coat for a pen or something other writeable. It has to be write down. Now.

Stori Geysir, Iceland,

The words bubble up in the body, such as the hot water in the depths of the Geysir. At first they only come as a big bubble to the surface. Fluffed, hollow, full of air. Then the rates skyrocket. Powerful. Inspiring. Line by line splashes on the paper. Blunt. Passionate.

Hraunfossar, Iceland,

Then the thoughts move away from the head, the hand is quiet and the text too. But silence not take a long time. Even the next begins to bubble. Smoke signals and steam clouds of creativity will come up to the world of humans. The nature upgrade for the next story. Wild. Free. Completely different. Maybe even magical. Let you seduce. Now. Join the incredible beauty of nature. Travel iceland and write.


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